Important Investment Disclaimer

Although Wealth Focus Pty Ltd (Wealth Focus) is usually able to discount, or rebate, some or all of the initial charges, all investments should still be held for the long-term.

The material on this website must not be construed as, an offer or recommendation of financial products by Wealth Focus. Nor is it an invitation by Wealth Focus to you to deal in financial products.

Information provided on this website and in any disclosure document is provided solely to enable you to make your own decisions and is general information only. It is not intended as advice and must not be relied upon as such. The material does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any individual investor. The investments and/or investment services referred to may not be suitable for all investors. You should make your own inquiries and if necessary take independent advice tailored to your specific circumstances before making any financial decisions.

The price and value of investments and their income fluctuates: You may get back less than the amount you invested. Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance. Exchange rate fluctuations may have an adverse effect on the value of non-Australian funds and shares.

Where an investment is described as likely to yield income, or as being suitable for an investor who wants an income from his/her investments, you should bear in mind that income from investments may fluctuate.

The rules on taxation can change. The value to you of any tax benefits will depend on your tax position.
Many of the investments featured do not provide capital guarantees like a deposit account and are not readily accessible.

In addition to any initial charge quoted there may be a bid/offer spread or dilution levy.

Before transferring or liquidating an investment you should ascertain whether exit or initial charges will be levied and then carefully consider whether you believe it will be beneficial to you over the period of the investment to proceed. If investments are liquidated you may suffer a loss of income or growth, should the market rise, whilst the transfer remains pending.

Any portfolio information available to you through the Website is compiled from data provided electronically to Wealth Focus by third parties. Neither Wealth Focus nor any related third party makes any representation or warranty regarding the accuracy or completeness of your portfolio information.

We do not investigate,analyse, assess or report on the credit risk of the products listed and investors should place no reliance on Wealth Focus for that information.

Any opinions expressed within our reviews or analysis are specific to the time of writing the review. Market conditions can change our view dramatically and investors should make their own enquiries as to whether the investments are suitable to their needs.

Articles and analysis are retained on this site for the purposes of historical views and interest to investors. Wealth Focus does not accept any responsibility for investors making investments without receiving Personal Financial Advice with one of our Representatives.

Life Assurance

If you are applying for a replacement plan, please do not cancel any existing policy until a new proposal has been accepted and is in force.