Why use a financial adviser?

We believe a financial adviser should be someone who can add value to how you manage your money.

Whether this is advising on the most appropriate structures to invest your money, such as saving for retirement through retail super, or an SMSF, or helping you become more objective and less emotional in how you make investment decisions, a financial adviser will provide expertise to reduce the burden of protecting, saving and investing for you and your family.

The advice from one of our financial planners will involve a variety of areas that most individuals are unlikely to have the time or expertise to research or fully understand which are highly specific to your investment needs.

The benefits of using a financial adviser are:

• Qualified professional advising you and making suggestions based on your personal circumstances, goals, and objectives
• Continued investment management
• Time saving, let someone else do the hard work for you
• Advice in the areas of investments, super annuation, family protection, trusts, and tax efficient products

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