Home Insurance

Cheaper Home Insurance

If you’ve insured your home via your bank, mortgage lender or on the high street, you’re probably paying way too much. Research shows that on renewal most policyholders just renew their policy with the same provider and since its simple to easier just to sign up with the same company when you are rearraning your banking and home loan, many policyholders haven’t shopped around for the best deal. As a result insurance companies look to ‘buddy-up’ with high street providers knowing they can charge you a premium for your policies and won’t look elsewhere.

Shop Around and Save

So, whoever you’re with, save yourself a small fortune by shopping around. For just a little effort, the savings over the long-term can be considerable. Our affiliated home insurance brokers are a good place to start, why not ask them for a quote and see how much you can save.

Also, beware of monthly direct debits, as you can be charged extortionate interest rates on the payments, as much as 30%! It makes more sense to pay it up front where possible.