Why use WF Multi-Manager Portfolios?

In the longer term shares have out-performed every other major type of asset. For many, the question is not whether to invest, but where to invest.

As a DIY Investment provider, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose where to invest and as a result have developed the WF Multi-Manager investment Portfolios to fit in line with your attitude to risk.

Off the shelf investment portfolios

As a independently owned organisation with no hidden motives and no parent company dictating what we can and can’t offer our clients, we’ve been able to structure a series of risk based portfolios for you to pick up off the shelf.

Risk reduction

By structuring your portfolio across a series of asset classes such as Australian equities, US equities, property and cash, we aim to reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio, allowing you added peace of mind.

Not all managers are equal

Fund management companies usually have at least one “star performer” in their suite of funds, as well as a number of “proverbial dogs”, so why would you lock yourself in to using just one fund manager for all your investments. With this in mind, our suggested portfolios are structured within a “fund supermarket” environment allowing you to access “star performers” to manage funds in each asset class. To cap it all off, should one of the funds start to take a turn for the worse, you can always just switch your funds to one of the others on offer.

Additional freedom to choose

Remember, these are just our suggested portfolios, many investors may feel they would like to just use our risk based asset allocations as a track to run on. You always have the freedom to choose your own portfolio within the fund range offered by Skandia and you are not tied into those portfolios at any time.

How to apply

To proceed simply choose the Multi-Manager Portfolio which best matches your objectives and enclose a copy with your application.

  • For novice investors they offer a ready made portfolio.
  • For experienced investors, they can provide a core holding, freeing up time to spend on the areas and investments that interest you the most.

Find out your risk profile

Step 1

Choose a multi manager portfolio

Step 2

Apply for a multi-manager portfolio

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