Ongoing Commission Rebates

Trail Rebate Service (Participate in ongoing adviser commissions)

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Benefit from your existing investments

Two of the most important factors in producing the best returns on your portfolio are performance and fees.

Whilst you can’t improve the overall performance of your investments by simply switching brokers/advisers, you can guarantee that you will reduce your fees leading to increased returns.

Over the years it has become clear to us that a large number of investors are paying fees for a service that they aren’t receiving. As a result, we decided to launch The Trail Rebate service, allowing investors to benefit from some of the ongoing commissions built into their investments.

Our rebate service now allows you to benefit and reduce your overall fees further.

How much can you save with Wealth Focus?
Note: Trailing commissions have been calculated at an average of 0.5%pa. Only applicable to those participating fund managers who pay a trailing.ongoing commission to Wealth Focus.

Your investments are not affected

One of the main concerns investors have when considering our service is whether appointing us as their broker affects their investments or the relationship they have with the fund/investment manager.

By nominating Wealth Focus as your current fund broker, the service you receive from your investment manager does not change or alter your investments in any way. You will continue to receive the same correspondence and maintain your relationship with your investment provider. Your investments and relationship with your investment/fund manager do not change, the only difference is that you will now participate in our annual Trail Rebate Service and pay no entry fees on your investments.

Just complete and fax our trail rebate form
or call us on 1300 559 869

List of participating fund managers in the trail rebate service


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Our list of 16 participating managers is listed on our website and updated on an annual basis*