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This product is aimed at investors looking for tax effective investments that produce returns independent of stockmarket performance.
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The Global Timber Supply Gap
There is an increasing gap between world supply and demand of timber. Globally, the annual deficit in sawn softwood and hardwood timber is predicted to reach 55 million tonnes and 10 million tonnes respectively by 2010.
The depletion of forest cover in the Asia-Pacific region coupled with increased environmental awareness has turned the wood products trade balance in many countries from a surplus to a deficit.
Coupled with the rising affluence of these regions the deficit in timber production seems likely to rise, further increasing the value of timber products.
Funds Focus investment offer
Forest Enterprises Australia Ltd (FEA) provides what we believe to be one of the best opportunities to access this fast growing sector. First and foremost a forestry company for 23 years, FEA packaged their first retail Managed Investment Scheme in 1993 as a way of sourcing wood for potential future milling.
Since its first offering in 1993, over 8,500 investors have established over 50,000 hectares of FEA eucalypt hardwood plantations in Tasmania, North Coast New South Wales and South East Queensland.
Having distributed its final harvest for the 1993 project in June 2008, FEA are able to demonstrate what most Agribusiness providers have yet to provide, a winning track record. Furthermore, when the thinning and estimated clearfall harvest proceeds are discounted back to 1993 dollars, the total return was more than 50% higher than original 1993 dollar per hectare estimates. The return achieved was a pre-tax return of 12.4% per annum.
FEA Group of Companies - Save 8%
FEA’s established timber processing and marketing capacity, and its aim to recover a minimum 40% high-value sawlogs from its plantations, has so far meant that investors have received higher prices at harvest than if logs were only sold as pulplogs.
FEA are currently offering its 16th consecutive Project, FEA Plantations Project 2008. We feel FEA’s history of forestry first, a proven track record that has so far exceeded client expectations and its aim to produce higher value saw wood makes this an attractive investment.
Offering 4 investment options FEA are able to offer investors access to this investment from as little as $3,150 plus GST, receiving a 100% tax deduction against their income tax.
Funds Focus is pleased to be able to offer investors access to FEA Plantations 2008 offering with the full 8% commission rebated in the form of a cheque.
Simply register and request a PDS online at www.fundsfocus.com.au/latestoffers or call on 1300 55 98 69. (Applications must be received before 30th June 2008)
100% lending also available
FEA also offers a range of finance options at competitive fixed interest rates, allowing investors access without having to raise capital from their existing investments.
Option 1- Eucalyptus hardwood. 13 year term with an anticipated thinning (income) in year 9. Minimum investment $3,150 plus GST. FEA Estimated Return on Inv. (IRR) 14.93%pa (pre tax)
Option 2 – Eucalyptus hardwood. 16 year term, anticipated thinning in year 9. Min. investment $3,150 plus GST. FEA IRR 14.95%pa (pre tax)
Option 3 – Radiata pine softwood. 25 year term, anticipated thinning in years 13 and 18. Min. investment $3,150 plus GST. FEA IRR 11.28%pa (pre tax)
Option 4 –
Diversified forestry offer – A combination of options 1, 2 and 3 at a discount to the total cost of the individual Woodlots. Minimum investment $21,000 plus GST. FEA IRR 14.13%pa (pre tax)
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