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Something for nothing

Each month, we look to bring opportunities to our clients that allow them to save money on their investments and finances. I recently spent time with Annette Bran of Zurich discussing what I consider to be a revolutionary product in the market and how we can effectively, offer our clients something for nothing.

Up until now, I’ve always felt that whilst there is a huge need for Australians to insure themselves adequately, insurance companies almost go out of their way to make it difficult to apply for insurance in the first place. There is almost an overemphasis on paperwork and not enough focus on making it simple and easy for the client to apply.

So I wasn’t surprised to find that recent research has identified that consumers often felt that obtaining cover was complicated and time consuming and what they really wanted was a simple, easy to complete application and affordable premiums that provide a meaningful level of cover.

Welcome to the 21st century

This century has seen some major changes in the development of online services to consumers. For many of us using the web to access services and information is part of everyday life.

Unfortunately, until recently, applying online for life insurance consisted of downloading an application form to complete and sign, leaving it just as complicated to apply for insurance as it was before.

Zurich’s deployment of a fully automated simple and easy to use online application, means that anyone can apply for cover in just 5 minutes, and in most cases, for lower cost than the paper based applications available in the market.

The face behind the product

Annette Bran (Direct Response Manager) & Chris Rutherford (Risk Operations Manager) headed the development and refinement of Zurich’s online application (Ezicover). With over 50 years combined industry experience, Annette and Chris have seen it all and are well aware that behind every statistic is a real person with a real family on whom there will be a real impact.

“We felt that some of the application processes in the industry had lost sight of making it simple for the one who counts most, the parent, the breadwinner, the small business person…”

“We could see that there was a need to design a product that allows the public to easily access affordable cover that will deliver real benefits and peace of mind from the comfort of their own home.“

With household debt at an all time high and access to credit far easier than 20 years ago, many are in greater need of protection than ever before.

With some of the lowest premiums in the industry and an easy 5 minute application process, you can get more cover for even less than before.

Something for nothing?

Its not often that you get something for nothing, and when you do, you should take full advantage.

Apply online for Ezicover and Zurich will pay your first month for you.

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