Portfolio Healthcheck Form

Investment Service

  • Discover the total value of your managed fund portfolio
  • Have you neglected your portfolio recently?
  • Have your investment aims changed since you first invested?
  • Is your portfolio balanced with a sensible spread of risk?
  • Professional, independent opinion
  • Spend just two minutes to enhance your portfolio


Analysis, Appraisal and Assessment


Having worked in the industry for numerous years, I have seen a large number of clients who have built up an odd assortment of investments over the years. We realised that the biggest need of investors was an overview of what their portfolio was worth and where it was invested.
Many felt that they had neglected their portfolio and would like a revamp, removing the proverbial dogs, but just didn’t know where to start.
As a result we developed our at-a-glance portfolio valuation and healthcheck.
We believe that if it’s been a while since you reviewed your portfolio and feel that it needs some attention, or alternatively, if you just want an opinion on the funds you’re in, the Portfolio Healthcheck Service is the ideal solution.

What will I receive?

Once we have received the details of your holdings, (approx 4-6 weeks), we will compile all the information into a Portfolio Healthcheck report. Your personal report will include:
  • A consolidated report including the value of your wraps, master trust, listed managed funds and unit trusts.
  • Clear information, and charts, showing how your investments are divided across different sectors of the market, allowing you to check if you have a balanced portfolio with a sensible spread of risk or are all your eggs in one basket
  • A rating based on a 5 star rating, with brief commentary as to the rationale behind the rating

And we can save you money every year

All investors requesting a Portfolio Healthcheck automatically become members of The Wealth Focus Investment Service, saving you:
  • Money on each additional investment into existing managed funds (100% upfront commission rebated in nearly all cases)
  • Time in administering your funds and tax affairs – Our annual consolidated performance and provisional tax report allows you to view all your managed fund investments and share trading (BETA) from one source.

What to do next?

If you would like to take advantage of a free valuation and analysis of all your holdings simply complete and return one of the forms overleaf. All you need to do is give us the name and plan numbers of your investment managers and sign it. This instructs the manager to give us all the necessary up-to-date information, which usually takes four weeks, and tells them to deal with us as your investment broker.
A mere 2% underperformance could cost you $10,148 on a $30,000 portfolio over 10 years (7% versus 9% growth). Give your portfolio the best chance of giving you a good return.

This service has been developed for DIY investors who are making their own investment decisions or are not receiving satisfactory information from their existing planner/broker. We do not offer personal advice. However, if you would like to receive personal advice, then our affiliated fee based planners are available to provide advice to investors.