Fee Rebate 3.0% (100%)
Min Investment $10,000
Expected Close 13/06/2008
ANZ Discovery Asia Fund is a fund of hedge funds aiming for absolute returns from Asian in times of rising or falling markets. Investors may purchase a put option at outset to provide capital protection and borrow up to 100% with no capital outlay or margin calls.

Key features and benefits
100% loan available – No capital outlay required for investment
Investors can borrow up to 100% of the Application Amount from ANZ through an interest only Loan with no margin calls and at interest rates fixed for either the entire Loan term or fixed annually for each year of the Loan term. – Not available for SMSFsCapital Protection
ANZ will employ the Dynamic Management process to provide investors with capital protection at maturity. As an additional layer of protection, ANZ has also made available a Put Option to approved Investors. Exercisable at Maturity, the Put Option will ensure a Unit holder receives at least an amount equal to their application amount.

Diversification – the Fund, indirectly via the Swap, offers diversification by providing access to around 20 to 25 core managersutilised by the Underlying Fund;

Exposure to the potential growth of Asia – access to Asian investment strategies with substantially lower exposure to Asian equity market risk than traditional Asian equity investments;

Dynamic Management – active management of the Swap aims to provide capital protection of the Fund’s investment in the Swap;

Access to the Underlying Fund – leveraged exposure to returns generated by the Underlying Fund (via the Swap), which are not widely available to the Australian investing public.

No margin calls
You don’t pay any margin calls along the way.

Borrowing to invest
Minimum amounts
For the 100% Investment Loan, the minimum amount you can borrow is $50,000.
Underlying Fund Performance
Rebate Offer 3% (100% rebate of initial charge)
Minimum Initial Investment $10,000 if using just your own money or $50,000 if using the investment loan to pay for your contribution
Offer closes 13th June 2008
Maturity Date 29 July 2016 (8 years, 1 month)
Product Disclosure Statement

What do we get paid

Wealth Focus will rebate 100% of the 3% entry fee on investments in the ANZ Discovery Asia Fund as additional units. Wealth Focus also receives a 0.5% commission on the investment loan and may also receive a trailing commission of up to 0.25% pa of the investment and 0.5% pa of the investment loan. This trailing commission is paid by the fund manager and is NOT an additional charge to the investor.


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