Minimum Investment $10,000
Expected Close 23/03/2012

AGL Energy Notes – Guaranteed Allocation

A fixed income investment in AGL

Wealth Focus has secured access to an allocation of the AGL Notes IPO. Investors looking to apply for a firm allocation will need to contact us on 1300 55 98 69.

Applications are allocated on a first come first served basis until we have exhausted our allocation.

Demand for Fixed Income Securities is likely to result in high demand for AGL Subordinated Notes

The last 2 weeks has seen a flood of new issues as corporates looking to raise funds have realised investors are happy to switch from term deposits for these higher yielding investments. We anticipate that AGL’s status as a non-financial, the benefit of un-franked dividends*, and the indicative rate of 3.80%pa over the 90 day BBSW (4.50% – 06/03/12), paying 8.30%pa, means AGL Subordinated Notes are likely to be highly sought after.

Key Features

  • Broker firm offer – Our guaranteed allocation through the broker firm offer means investors are more likely to obtain their allocation without waiting for the shareholder and customer offer. Note: Shareholder offer is limited to $50 Million
  • Limited Offer – The offer is to raise approximately $650 Million, with the ability to raise more or less. The Notes will be traded on the ASX. We expect that AGL are unlikely to take much more than the $650 Million which is likely to support the price on issue.
  • Income – AGL Subordinated Notes provides holders with quarterly unfranked distributions.
  • *Un-franked Income – Investors often overlook that returns quoted on fixed income include the franking credits. Un-franked payments should be considered more attractive, avoiding the need to wait until the end of the tax year to claim back the franking.
  • High level of income – The distribution rate has been set at 3.80% over the 90 day Bank Bill Swap Rate (4.50% as of 6th March) for an indicative rate of 8.30%.
  • Minimum investment – $10,000 (this is a Wealth Focus minimum)
  • Issue Price – $100

Find out more

If you would like further information on AGL Energy Notes Offer, please click on the links below:

Please call us on 1300 559 869 to ask us to secure an allocation.

Best regards



Sulieman Ravell
Wealth Focus Pty Ltd

What do we get paid?

Wealth Focus will receive a commission of up to 1% plus GST of the amount invested. This commission is paid by the product issuer and is NOT an additional charge to the investor.


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