Minimum Investment $10,000
Expected Close 14/05/2014

PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund – A new Listed Investment Company

PM Capital Wealth Focus has secured access to an allocation to the PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund IPO. Investors looking to apply for a broker firm allocation will need to contact us on 1300 559 869 by close of business Wednesday 30th April.

Allocations may still be available after this date but will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

PM Capital – Diversification from Australian equities

PM Capital has just announced the launch of a new Listed Investment Company (LIC), PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund. Aiming to raise a maximum of $200 Million, we view the fund as likely to have significant demand from investors looking to diversify their portfolio away from Australian equities.

Contrarian Investor and strong pedigree

We realise we’re repeating the message on PM Capital’s last issue in December last year, but our view remains the same.

PM Capital can be considered to have a bottom up stock picking bias and generally considered a contrarian investor with a long term view on market opportunities.

It’s our view that stock pickers are likely to outperform in what we expect to be volatile markets over the next few years. Chief Investment Officer, Paul Moore’s award winning history and investment performance demonstrates his ability for picking stocks.

With a free option (estimated value of 8c-10c) to each share listed under the IPO, we feel this is an attractive proposition to investors.

Call us on 1300 559 869 to ask us to secure an allocation.

Key Features

  • Broker firm offer – Our allocation through the broker firm offer means investors are more likely to achieve their desired allocation without risk of scaleback through the general offer.
  • Size of offer – The offer is to raise $200 Million, with the ability to raise less. The shares will be traded on the ASX.
  • Asian Equities – Moderation in demand for commodities in Asia, led by China, will put pressure on the resources sector in Australia, which will flow through to the wider economy and put pressure on the elevated Australian dollar. The fund aims to invest in a core of 15-35 listed securities listed across the Asia region (ex-Japan).
  • Free option – Each investor will receive a free option for each share subscribed to in the IPO.
  • Minimum investment – $10,000 (this is a Wealth Focus minimum)
  • Issue Price – $1.00 per share plus a free option

Find out more

If you would like further information on the PM Asian Opportunities Fund Offer, please click on the links below:

Please call us on 1300 559 869 to ask us to secure an allocation.

Best regards



Sulieman Ravell

Wealth Focus Pty Ltd


What do we get paid?

Wealth Focus will receive a payment of up to 1.5% plus GST of the amount invested.


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