Latest Featured Funds & Discount Investments

Please find below a list of our Latest Investment Offers. Many of these offers are for our featured funds and have an additional special offer for a limited period so please visit this page regularly for the latest additions or subscribe to the Funds Focus newsletter and special offers emails.

Managed Funds Archive Fee Rebate Min Investment Expected Close
Macquarie Property Income Fund No Entry Fee $10,000 30/11/2008
Cromwell Property Fund 4.0% (100%) $10,000 30/06/2008
Vianova Strategic Fixed Interest Trust 4.1% (100%) $1,000 31/12/2010
Man Investments AHL Diversified Fund
Gain direct access the core underlying investment strategy used in all the Man OM-IP series without the capital protection.
No Entry Fee $20,000 20/07/2013
BlackRock Asset Allocation Alpha (AAA) Fund
A global fund of managed futures funds with an individual manager overlay for asset allocation.
No Entry Fee $1,000 30/06/2008
Man Investments AHL Gold (AUD) fund
Gain direct access to the core investment strategy of all the Man OM-IP series without the cost of capital protection and the added benefit of exposure to an investment in gold.
No Entry Fee $20,000 10/02/2015
HSBC 100+ series – International Investment 03/12/2010
Deutsche Bank – Alpha Boost ASX 200 05/11/2010
CBA Capital Series Aussie Blue Chips 01/10/2010
AHL Gold Fund 3.0% (100%) $10,000 31/12/2014
Cromwell Riverpark Trust 2% (50%) $10,000 31/12/2009