Research Tools

Free research tools

CommSec ATC & Colonial Geared Investments

One of the reasons we chose to partner with CommSec in offering our clients an integrated share trading service is the wealth of research tools available to investors.

Watchlists Track your Favourite stocks, then test potential investments with online paper trading.
Company Profiles View detailed profiles of all ASX-listed stocks, including key financial data, earnings forecasts and consensus analyst recommendations.
Company News Read ASX announcements seconds after they’re released to the market.
Charting tools Use CommSec’s basic and advanced charting tools to analyse stock performance and time your trades, with a range of advanced technical indicators.
Economic and market news Read the latest on the economy and the market, with daily and weekly reports, plus analysis.
Advanced Company Search Tool Search for stocks that match your goals with CommSec’s easy-to-use online tool.

Serious tools for serious investors

CommSec have built our reputation on affordable share trading with some of the most powerful investment tools on the market.

Share Alerts Keep track of your favourite stocks by SMS or email, wherever you happen to be. Choose from price alerts, which tell you instantly when a stock reaches your selected trigger price, or Time Alerts, which give you an update on your list of stocks at selected times of the day.
Conditional Trading Lock in your investment strategy by asking CommSec to place an order for you when conditions are right. You simply tell us which share you want to buy or sell, plus your target price, and CommSec watch the market for you.
Floats Take part in you issues of shares, investment funds, property trusts and hybrid securities , often not available to the general public. Research new opportunities, download a prospectus and the some cases, apply online.
Professional Trader Respond to market movements as they happen, with advanced, real-time trading. Professional trader puts everything you need at your fingertips: live watchlists, market depth, course of sales, price history, market watch and alerts, plus advanced features for options traders. Best of all, if you trade shares more then 15 times a quarter , you could qualify for a free subcription.


If you’re a DIY investor, charting can be an essential trading tool, helping you to spot emerging trends as they happen. And, if you’re a CommSec client, you can access their online charting tools or even download end-of-day price data for free.

Share Alerts

Even the most dedicated DIY investor can’t watch the market every minute of the day, but CommSec ATC Share Alerts help you stay on top of market movements even when you’re away from your trading screen.

Sent straight to your mobile phone or email inbox, Share Alerts help keep you informed about your selected stocks or indices, wherever you happen to be. You can set a Price Alert to tell you instantly when a selected stock reaches a high or low trigger price, or use a Time Alert to monitor the price of a watchlist of stocks at selected times of the day. Then, when you’re ready to trade, CommSec is only a phone call or a few mouse clicks away. (A charge applies for share alerts).