Funds Focus – Tools & Widgets

Funds Focus Widgets and Tools showcases a few of our favourite tools and investor developed tools for helping you with your investments. As we are always looking at ways in which we can improve these, your feedback can help us improve them. Please feel free to download and play with these tools and send your comments directly to our developers and see if we can improve on them. If you come across other investment tools and widgets you feel others may benefit from, please feel free to email these over to us with any comments on how you feel these are useful or any minor enhancements you feel that would be useful. We realise that aside from Investment Companies, DIY investors are the most likely drivers of future development. By pooling investor expertise and posting investor developed tools, we hope to create a community of like minded individuals able to share their tools to enhance investment portfolio strategies and returns.

Risk Profiler

Find out what your risk profile is and our suggested asset allocations. Is your current investment strategy on track? or are you taking too much risk whilst minimising your returns… Risk Profiling Tool

Managed Fund comparison tool

Managed fund providers are more than happy to sing about the investment returns they achieve, yet comparing charges of investment funds continues to be difficult for most investors. Our managed fund comparison tool (based on FIDO’s (ASIC) calculator) allows you to compare apples with apples, allowing you to work out if you really get what you pay for. Managed Fund Tool

SMA fund charges

The new generation of SMA products boast that their products are a low cost alternative to traditional managed funds, and the transparency of their fees and charges mean investors can see exactly what they’re being charged. Find out if your provider is really offering a low cost alternative with our SMA comparison tool. SMA Tool

Mortgage calculator

Use our mortgage calculator to work out what your monthly mortgage payments could be if you shopped around for a better rate. Mortgage Calcalator

CPPI Switch Tool

Work out what the equivalent annual growth rate is to maturity on your cash locked CPPI/Threshold Managed Proected Products CPPI Switch Tool