Fee Rebate No loan establishment fee
Min Investment $20,000
Expected Close 31/07/2010
Re-Strike is a capital protected rescue product, allowing investors with failing capital protected products the opportunity to pay off their existing investment loan and once again participate in sharemarket returns.


Underlying Portfolio

Capital Protection level


Investment Term

Series 5

Exposure to the ASX 200 with a volatility overlay


fixed coupon of 2.86%pa used to pay down loan + (40% of gains – 5%)

7 years

Series 6

Risk Stabilised Aquantum Pegasus EL Strategy (absolute return fund)


3.08%pa used to pay down loan + (40% of gains – 5%)

6.5 years

Key features and benefits
The opportunity to use 20% of the application amount to pay off other failing capital protected products allows investors to switch from a product that is cash locked/unlikely to participate in sharemarket returns to a product that provides exposure to the sharemarket.Investment Choice – Investors in NAB Re-Strike can opt to link investment returns to the ASX 200 using the RBS VC Australia 200 Index (Series 5) or a trend seeking program that aims to provide returns in both rising and falling markets using the Risk Stabilised Aquantum Pegasus EL Strategy (Series 6).100% Capital Protection – Capital security through the NAB guarantee if held to maturity. This ensures investors receive 100% at maturity, paying off the investment borrowing (80%) and shortfall borrowing (20%) at maturity.

What do we get paid

Wealth Focus will not charge a fee for entry into this investment. Wealth Focus may receive a trailing commission of up to 0.50% pa of the value of the investment loan. This commission is paid by the fund manager and is NOT an additional charge to the investor.


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