Funds Focus Newsletter January 2013
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Clime Capital Convertible Loan Notes

Clime Capital has just announced the launch of a new income offer: Clime Capital Convertible Loan Notes. Access is available through the shareholder offer before listing in December.

The Notes will pay a quarterly coupon at 6.25%pa and are due to mature 30th November 2021. The Note will be tradable on the ASX.

This issue will be used to invest in securities listed on the ASX, recognised international exchanges and selected unlisted investments.
Clime Capital
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BOQ Capital Notes (BOQPE) Analysis

Bank of Queensland has just announced the launch of a new income offer: BOQ Capital Notes. The first round of access is through a broker firm allocation, prior to shareholder offer and listing in December. Note: There is no General Offer

The Notes will pay a quarterly coupon of 3.75%-3.95% (rate determined by the bookbuild) over the 90 day bank bill swap rate (BBSW), which was 1.73% as of 23rd November, with an initial indicative rate of 5.48%-5.68%pa. (The first pricing is due to be set on

Melbourne Cup 2017

Fun for the Melbourne Cup. Each year, Macquarie and Morgans analysts are allowed to emerge from the bear pits with the hope of proving their worth and the promise of a possible promotion to the Wall St Poker tournaments.

Macquarie have offered the most detailed and consistent analysis with Morgans coming a close second. Previous newcomers PWC and BT Fixed Income team throwing in the towel after just a couple of years.

Macquarie’s champagne years had seemingly come to an end, but in true

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