Why Wealth Focus

Most clients shop around when choosing investments to ensure they are getting the best possible deal. With this in mind we hope we’ve developed a service ensuring you get the best overall package of price, choice and service.

Initial savings means freedom to invest and freedom to switch

Initial savings of up to 5% can help get your investments off to a good start. Bearing in mind that many investors switch to an alternative manager every few years losing 5% on every time you switch funds is a large hit to take over your lifetime.

And if you’ve never considered switching for a better fund, now is the time to do so, with low/nil cost entry into most managed funds, you are now able to drop the “dogs” from your portfolio and switch into something more exciting.

We also realise that the service you receive after you have invested is just as important and as a result developed our enhanced reporting service, and the Portfolio Healthcheck allowing you to receive the best prices and the best service.

Freedom to Choose

Within The WF Investment Service you can invest in over 1000 funds, Superannuation and Aussie shares and even set up your life insurance. Investor requirements change over time, so its obviously important that you have the freedom to invest and change your investments over time. By rebating the up front charges to you, you no longer have to worry about the associated cost of switching, giving you more freedom to choose.

Over time your requirements for investment may change, fund management companies are bought and sold, star fund managers move on and you may find that the darling of your portfolio soon becomes the proverbial dog.

Whatever the reason for changing your investments – you will want to know that when you wish to switch you will have the widest range of investments to choose from at low cost. With The WF Investment Service you can request an application to invest in a new fund in writing, by telephone or online.

Ongoing Service

If you have a query or you would simply like to know the value of your holdings our Help Desk, based here in our Manly office, will answer your questions. Our free annual report service provides you with a detailed breakdown of current holdings, gains, income received and provisional tax report. You can also register for our online service* where you can view your portfolio, gains and income received online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The WF Investment Service can also help you simplify your investments. You will receive a single valuation for all your accounts, twice a year, which is presented clearly and simply. With a single summary sheet showing all your holdings we can not only reduce your paperwork, but also make it easier to follow the progress of your investments.


We have a long history of financial planning for the direct market and are continually developing our products and service towards our client needs.

We are authorised by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).
We firmly believe our value, information and clarity of our investment services are the best available.

*Free to investors with over $50k in trail generating managed funds