Our investment philosophy

We view our roles as risk managers when constructing our client portfolios:

  • In line with industry standards, we assess your risk profile. We then use this information to recommend a tailored investment portfolio by blending different asset classes to reduce risk and increase potential returns.
  • What differentiates us is that we are constantly considering the value of investing in an asset class (over 10 years) and whether investors are being rewarded for the risk of investing versus remaining in cash or 10 year bonds. In other words we do not blanket recommend all our balanced or growth clients invest in the same asset splits.
  • For clients who retain us for ongoing advice, we overlay this with a process that looks for increased risk of an imminent pullback in the market. This allows us to act pro-actively on your behalf, reducing our allocation to risk assets (such as the shares) when we see investors are less likely to be rewarded for the risk they are taking.
  • We consider other investments you already hold, the impact this will have on your overall portfolio and how it should be accommodated within your recommended investments.
  • We then look at the most appropriate way of gaining exposure to those asset classes. We use a combination of ETFs, LICs, unlisted managed funds and some direct investments as a way of gaining exposure. We are typically considering whether the benefit of diversification, active management and/or discounts, outweigh the cost associated with each option.
  • For clients who are happy for us to be more active, we may also recommend shorter term trading opportunities, allowing us to pick up additional returns or reduce risk for a short period before returning to the longer term recommendations.

As a result, the investments and asset allocations are highly tailored and personalised. No one client is ever the same, and our understanding of that sets us aside from other advisers.