Funds Focus Newsletter January 2013
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Fixed income – Unfranked income better than franked

The misconception that fully franked is better than unfranked income
Over the last 2 years, we have had the pleasure of dealing with hundreds of investors taking advantage of our service on the hybrids/ income securities that we have seen coming to market. You will have noticed that over time we have gradually been building up our research to provide investors with some analysis on how to compare products and where we see these sitting within portfolios. However, one of the common

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Ongoing Commission Rebates

Trail Rebate Service (Participate in ongoing adviser commissions)

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Benefit from your existing investments

Two of the most important factors in producing the best returns on your portfolio are performance and fees.

Whilst you can’t improve the overall performance of your investments by simply switching brokers/advisers, you can guarantee that you will reduce your fees leading to

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Strategies for a falling market

In times of falling markets, even the most hardened investment professional can panic and overlook the simplest solution.

I recently found myself watching a feature on Bloomberg covering investor strategies in a falling market. A panel of experts were sitting around a table discussing what investors could do to protect their portfolio or possibly benefit from falling share markets. Their discussion centred on bonds, as the debt markets tend to rise when equities fall; gold, as the ultimate

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