Wraps and Master Trusts – Benefits

A single account view of all your investments

You receive one financial report from the wrap or master trust provider, summarising the performance of all your investments, avoiding the need to individually track each managed fund. A single annual report highlighting all the capital gains, losses and imputation credits for all your funds within your wrap/master trust gives you more time to focus on doing the things you want to do.

Diversification and Choice

One of the primary attractions to wraps & master trusts is the ability to spread your investments accross a whole range of investment sectors and fund managers from within one wrapper. Fund managers chop and change constantly, today’s best may be the dog of tomorrow, by diversifying your investment across a number of fund managers you ensure that a star fund manager moving on or underperforming isn’t going to destroy your investment returns.

Wholesale Funds

Many ‘boutique’ and wholesale fund managers aren’t available to retail investors and can require large minimum investments. By poolng your funds with thousands of other investors, wraps and master trusts are able to access some of the specialist boutique or wholesale funds that aren’t otherwise available to joe bloggs investor.

Easier and Cheaper Switching

Depending on the specific wrap/master trust platform you can usually switch between funds for little or no cost, making it, in many cases, cheaper and easier to switch within the platform than investing directly in the managed funds.


Wraps & Master Trusts give consolidated reporting

Whether you’re looking to invest into or have an existing Wrap and/or Master Trust, contact us to reduce your annual management fees