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Super Alpha Fund 1 Super Alpha Fund

Founded in Austria in 1995, the Superfund Group was one of the first companies to offer retail investors access to managed futures funds and Whilst many fund managers are still licking the wounds of 2008, the Superfund Group has launched Australia’s newest managed futures fund, Super Alpha Fund 1 now manages over US $1.4 Billion in assets on behalf of over 50,000 investors in 20 countries. An investment fund suitable for investors either directly or through an SMSF, the name Super Alpha Fund refers to the parent company’s name, Superfund Group rather than the term Superannuation that we use here in Australia.

SuperAlphaFund Managing Director - Matthias Gardner

Fund Performance

Super Alpha Fund 1 Performance

Source Super Alpha Fund Financial
*Note The chart above is provided to demonstrate how the retail units in Super Alpha Fund 1 would have performed under the Target Allocation from August 1, 2007 to the inception of the fund on 11 November 2008, and the actual performance of the fund since. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Super Alpha Fund 1

Super Alpha Fund 1

One of my observations for the clients that come to us with existing holdings with Man Investments is that they feel they have diversified by investing across different OMIP Series. The reality is that the OMIP Series all rely heavily on the ‘AHL’ managed futures program and as such investors are increasing their overall risk by having all their eggs in one basket.

With a scarcity of managed future fund alternatives, the launch of Super Alpha Fund 1 in Australia now gives investors a real opportunity to diversify whilst remaining in a similar type of structure to that which they know and love.

Rebate Offer: 3% Rebate

Minimum Investment: $10,000

Wealth Focus will rebate 100% of the 3% sales commission. Wealth Focus will receive a trailing commission of up to 0.44%p.a.

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