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Ice Bucket Challenges and Socially Responsible Investing

Make a Difference
By now, you will have see the Ice Bucket Challenge and how this has swept the world in an effort to create both awareness and raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease (known as ALS in the US).

Since I was nominated this weekend, it seemed only appropriate that we pass on the pleasure to some of the managers in the industry, (they have had more than enough business from me over the years) and I thought I would throw in Chris Cuffe and Scott Pape, who I don’t know but can make a

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Strategies for a falling market

In times of falling markets, even the most hardened investment professional can panic and overlook the simplest solution.

I recently found myself watching a feature on Bloomberg covering investor strategies in a falling market. A panel of experts were sitting around a table discussing what investors could do to protect their portfolio or possibly benefit from falling share markets. Their discussion centred on bonds, as the debt markets tend to rise when equities fall; gold, as the ultimate

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Australian Money Market – Term Deposit Broker Review

Strategies for a falling market

A term deposit supermarket which offers flexibility to switch providers to obtain the best rate can provide a significant advantage when looking at your term deposit options.

In terms of investment opportunities, it is no wonder that Term Deposits are so popular, they are by far the easiest product to understand. You put your money in the bank and you get paid an income.

Yes, there are options, such as do I want to receive interest daily, monthly, yearly

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