Unemployment Cover

Involuntary Unemployment Insurance

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Unemployment Insurance Cover
Involuntary Unemployment Cover providing a fixed benefit of $2,000 to $4,000 pm in the event of redundancy.

Insurance Options $2,000 pm, $3,000 pm or $4,000 pm
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Product Disclosure Statement PDS (Terms & Conditions)

Wealth Focus now offers access to a unique unemployment insurance product providing a fixed monthly benefit in the event of involuntary unemployment. Unlike many of the mortgage redundancy insurance alternatives, there is no need to incorporate life and sickness cover or link the product to a loan. Insurance benefits are paid directly to you.

Key features and benefits

Applying is simple – You simply need to provide your credit card details over the phone and your covered on the same day.

You choose the level of cover – Benefits are not dependent on income or borrowings, allowing you to choose the level of cover from $2,000 pm to $4,000 pm. Overall maximum of 6 months payout per 12 months and 75% income cap applies

Accidental Death Benefit – In the event of your accidental death, your family will receive a $25,000 benefit.

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Unemployment Redundancy Insurance rates

Additional Benefits Payable?

Expatriation Benefit – If, during the Period of Insurance, your current employer offers you an overseas posting exceeding twelve months, and you accept, a benefit of $2,500 is payable.

Carer’s Benefit – If during the period of Insurance you resign with your current employer in order to take up the full time care of an immediate family member on doctor’s advice a benefit of $5,000 is payable.

Funeral Benefit – In the event of your Accidental Death, a funeral benefit of up to $5,000 is payable o fup to $5,000 to pay for the cost of your funeral or burial or cremation costs, and the costs of returning your body or ashes to the state in which you were residing as at the date of death.

Eligibility Requirements

– Must be an Australian resident
– Must be between the ages of 18 and 65
– Must be engaged in permanent full time employment for a continuous period of 12 months
– Must not be self employed
– Must not become unemployed at the completion of a fixed term contract.

* When arranging this insurance Wealth Focus is acting as a Distributor for Reliance Insurance Brokers t/as Australian Reliance AFSL No: 345986. The product issuer is Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Ltd AFSL No: 239778. We are not authorised to provide you with any advice of a personal nature on this product. Please refer to the PDS for full policy terms and conditions

What do we get paid

Wealth Focus will receive a commission of 20% of the premium paid. This commission is paid by the product provider and is NOT an additional charge to the consumer.