Fee Rebate 1% (50%)
Min Investment $25,000
Expected Close 31/12/2010
INstreet Mast 4 – ASX 200 provides investors with the opportunity to access a capital protected investment in the S&P/ASX 200 for only 8.8% pa, coupons of up to 5%pa and the added benefit of a walk away feature.

Key features and benefits
Uncapped access to the growth of the ASX 200 – INstreet Mast 4 ASX 200 offers investors the opportunity to access the potential of uncapped growth of the Australian stock market.Potential coupong of up to 5%pa – Gains of up to 5% pa are distributed at the end of each year with the remainder accruing until maturity, allowing investors to immediately benefit from a rise in the investment value.Volatility Risk Management – Instreet Mast 4 ASX 200 offers you the peace of mind of volatility management by reducing your investment exposure when share market volatility is high and increasing your exposure when volatility is low.

No risk of margin calls – The nature of the INstreet Mast means that investors are not exposed to falls in the market. Risk is limited to the annual interest payments.

No up front capital required – INstreet Mast 4 ASX 200 encompases 100% investment loan, allowing you to invest without tying up capital.

Low cost of borrowing – Investment into Mast 4 ASX 200 is at a low rate of 8.8%pa.

Available to SMSFs – Investors have the ability to walk away at any time with no liability to future interest payments. Self Managed Super Funds are therefore able to invest.

The effect of volatility management on exposure to the ASX 200
Mast ASX 200 Volatility overlay performance
Important Information
* Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

What do we get paid

Wealth Focus will rebate 0.5% (25%) of the 2% loan establishment fee on investments into this product. Wealth Focus may receive up to 0.55% pa as a trailing commission for this product. This trailing commission is paid by the product provider and is NOT an additional charge to the investor.


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