Gain direct access the core underlying investment strategy used in all the Man OM-IP series without the capital protection.
Fee Rebate No Entry Fee
Min Investment $20,000
Expected Close 20/07/2013

Man AHL Diversified (AUD) Ltd has been launched in response to investor demand. Man Investments Australia has for the first time structured an investment that provides investors with direct access to the AHL Diversified Program. Unlike the OM-IP funds, this fund does not have a capital guarantee nor a second complementary investment portfolio.

Key features and benefits

The AHL Diversified Program – 100% systematic, the AHL Diversified program identifies trends and exploits inefficiencies in over 200 international markets across a wide range of sectors including shares, bonds, currencies, interest rates, energies, metals, credit and agriculturals.

Performance regardless of equity market conditions: The AHL Diversified Program has a history of generating returns that have a high degree of independence from the direction of both Australian and global stockmarkets and has provided investors with diversification during stockmarket corrections^.

Diversifying a traditional investment portfolio: It is widely accepted that a traditional investment portfolio can benefit from the additional diversification provided by strategic investments such as Man AHL Diversified (AUD).

Diversification across different asset classes makes it possible to increase the consistency of returns and reduce the dependence on investments linked to stock, property and bond markets during cyclical downturns.

Man AHL Diversified Program plc vs Australian and global stock indices

March 1996 to January 2011^

AHL Diversified Program Performance

Source: Man Investments
Note: The chart is expressed in log scale to uniformly illustrate percentage changes each month. It shows the actual trading results of Man AHL Diversified plc, Man Investments’ longest running USD weekly dealing AHL fund. It is not designed to predict the future performance of the AHL Diversified Program or Man AHL Diversified (AUD). The fees and costs that will apply to an investment in the Company will be in accordance with those set out in Section 9 of the Prospectus and are different from the fees and costs payable by Man AHL Diversified plc. The final weekly valuation is used to calculate the monthly return of Man AHL Diversified plc. As there was no weekly valuation in March 1996, the first monthly return shown is for April 1996. Performance figures are calculated net of all fees as at 31 January 2011.

^ Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Offers of Shares will be made in the Prospectus issued by Man AHL Diversified (AUD) Limited dated 14 May 2010 and has been lodged with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. Investors wishing to acquire Shares will need to complete the Application Form attached to the Prospectus. Please also refer to the Identification Requirements document.

Terms capitalised and used on this website have the same meaning as in the Prospectus. This information has been prepared without taking into account anyone’s objectives, financial situation or needs so before acting on it consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. Persons considering investing in the Shares should carefully read all of the Prospectus before making an investment decision. US Persons are not eligible to subscribe for Shares pursuant to the Prospectus.

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