Fee Rebate 8.0%
Initial Investment $6,050
Number of funds
Rewards Group Premium Timber Project 2009 is a combination of Rewards Sandalwood Project and the Rewards Teak Project offered in 2008. The 2009 project allows investors to participate in the demand for the internationally renowned high value tropical hardwood teak and Australia’s most valuable timber, the Western Australian Sandalwood.

Key features and benefits
By selecting Rewards to manage your investment, you will be selecting a farm manager that offers the following significant benefits to participating Growers:Well researched projects
Each year Rewards Group continues to receive high ratings from independent research houses, with extensive experience in determining quality agribusiness projects.Owner Managers
The shareholders of Rewards Group actively manage Growers investments on a day to day basis. Rewards’ focus is on returns to Growers – not ASX listed shareholders.

Income streams from year 7
By combining teak and sandalwood, an annuity style income is forecast from harvesting of the trees commencing at approximately years 7, 8, 11, 12, 15, 16 with a final felling harvest at years 19 and 20.

100% loan available – No capital outlay required before investment
Investors can borrow up to 100% Investment Loan with fixed and variable interest rate options.

12 months interest free loan available
Investors can borrow up to 100% for investment purposes, repaying the principal over 12 monthly instalments.

No annual management fees
Single upfront investment amount with no annual management fees.

Borrowing to invest
12 months interest fee option
– No deposit
100% finance available
– First principal repayment not due until the end of the month following initial application. 12 Months Interest Free Finance is available by selecting this option in the Project PDS Application form.3-15 year finance option
– Terms range from 2 years to 15 years
100% finance available
– Interest rates range from 8.15% for 2 years P & I to 9.95% for 15 year P & I (variable rates)

What do we get paid

Wealth Focus will rebate 80% of the 10% sales commission. Wealth Focus does not receive a trailing commission for this product. The commission is paid by the fund manager and is NOT an additional charge to the investor.


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