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Crescent Wealth through Personal Choice Super

Socially responsible investing based on Islamic investment principles

Crescent Wealth have now made it possible for Australians to invest their superannuation savings into a series of socially responsible investment options that comply with Islamic investment principles via the Personal Choice Private (PCP) Superannuation Fund.

Accessing Crescent Wealth through your super

While you are working, your employer is, in most cases, required to make contributions to your super account (known as compulsory super or Super Guarantee or SG). In most instances you have the right to choose the super fund to which these contributions are made.
Personal Choice Private is a superannaution provider with a choice of over 350 investment funds and flexibility to trade shares.

The Crescent Wealth funds have recently been added to this range of investments allowing investors to know invest their superannuation into ethical, Sharia complaint investments.
In a post GFC environment Islamic investment principles have become highly regarded as the shortcomings of leverage have been highlighted.

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Crescent Wealth Investment Principles

  • Speculation – Investments that rely on chance or speculation, such as derivatives, to produce a return are prohibited. However, normal commercial risk-taking and related speculation such as investing in shares is permitted.
  • Social & Moral Values – In the same vein as historical socially responsible investing, investment in out socially detrimental activities, such as gambling, pornography, alcohol and weapons is prohibited. This is consistent with conventional value-based investing, which mandates social values and good governance.
  • Payment & Receipt of Interest – Islamic investment principles prohibit the charging or receipt of interest. Any return on money invested should be linked to the profits of an enterprise.
  • Uncertainty – The existence of uncertainty in a contract is prohibited. Everyone participating in a financial transaction must be adequately informed and all fundamental terms such as price or quantity must be clearly defined at the outset.

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If you would like further information on investing your superannuation in the Crescent Wealth Funds, please click on the links below:

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