Fee Rebate 4.0% (100%)
Min Investment $2,000
Expected Close Ongoing


Perpetual Australian Geared Fund

(4% Rebate Offer)
A managed fund offering a geared investment strategy aiming to
seek out returns from quality Australian shares.

Rebate Offer 4% (100% rebate of entry fee)
Minimum Initial Investment $2,000 or $1,000 if set up with a regular savings plan
Featured Fund This investment was featured in our March 2011 Investment Newsletter on Geared Share Funds.
Product Disclosure Statement
Perpetual Australian Geared Fund provides a managed geared investment strategy aiming to enhance long-term capital growth by increasing your exposure to quality industrial & resource shares and other securities.

Key features and benefits
Perpetual researches companies of all sizes using consistent share selection criteria. Perpetual’s priority is to select companies that represent the best investment quality and are appropriately priced. In determining investment quality, investments are carefully selected on the basis of four key investment criteria:

  • conservative debt levels
  • sound management
  • quality business and
  • in the case of industrial shares, recurring earnings.

Perpetual aims to ensure that the gearing level is maximised, subject to the cost of borrowing being adequately covered by net income. In addition, the gearing level must be kept within strict pre-determined limits.

Perpetual Geared Australian Fund is available via the Perpetual WealthFocus investment platforms, providing investors access to a comprehensive range of investment options within one investment wrapper.

Suitable for SMSFs – This gearing strategy is also available to SMSF investors

100% entry fee rebate for new and existing investors
Appoint Wealth Focus as your fund broker and benefit from 100% entry fee rebate on the Perpetual WealthFocus range of products and participate in our ongoing trail rebate service. Complete our simple one page Broker Nomination Form.

What do we get paid

Wealth Focus will rebate 100% of the 4% entry fee on investments in Perpetual Wealth Focus Investment Funds as additional units. Wealth Focus may also receive a trailing commission of up to 0.6% pa of the value of the investment loan. This trailing commission is paid by the fund manager and is NOT an additional charge to the investor.


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