CommSec Professional Trader

CommSec ATC & Colonial Geared Investments

CommSec Pro Trader is also available through The WF Investment Service. In the same way that CommSec direct clients are given free access to Pro Trader, our clients are given the same free access to Pro trader when transacting over 15 trades a quarter.

An essential tool for frequent traders, Pro Trader makes it easy for investors to build their own customised trading desk, putting a wealth of information at your ļ¬ngertips.

Dynamic data streaming means you can respond instantly to market movements. Features such as live watchlists, market depth, course of sales, price history, market watch and alerts give you more power and control.

Why choose CommSec ATC Professional Trader?

Dynamic Data Monitor market movements as they happen, with live watchlists, market depth, course of sales, price history, news and market watch windows.
Customisable Desktop Personalise your desktop to suit your trading style, with professional Trader’s flexible worksheets and toolbars.
Advanced Charting Improve your technical analysis with professional Trader’s improved charting features.including more then 20 advanced indicators.
One-Click Trading Use right-click trading to buy or sell in seconds.
Advanced Options tools Improve your options trading with specialised features like the ETO monitor and ETO valuation tool.

CommSec Pro Trader puts the market at your fingertips

CommSec Pro Trader screenshot

What does Pro Trader cost?

Free subscription: If you maintain one of these levels of trading, you are eligible for a free subscription:
Professional Trader Gold:
Professional Trader Platinum:
15-44 trades per quarter
45 or more trades per quarter, or one or more options trades per quarter
Paid subscription: $82.50 per month