Ice Bucket Challenges and Socially Responsible Investing

Make a Difference

By now, you will have see the Ice Bucket Challenge and how this has swept the world in an effort to create both awareness and raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease (known as ALS in the US).

Since I was nominated this weekend, it seemed only appropriate that we pass on the pleasure to some of the managers in the industry, (they have had more than enough business from me over the years) and I thought I would throw in Chris Cuffe and Scott Pape, who I don’t know but can make a difference.

I should add the impending threat of a bucket of ice water over the head scrambles your brain, Third Link and Future Generations, have both managed to convince the managers to work for free and the management fees of 1.4%/1%pa respectively are donated to charity.

Good luck boys, you have 24 hours!

Ice Bucket Challenge


How to make a difference

I suspect I run the risk of no longer being on their Christmas card list, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Although the investments I highlighted are nothing to do with MND, they donate the fees you pay to charity and the performance stacks up well, so why not make a difference just by directing some of your investments in their direction.

Donate to MND Australia – This also benefits givers with a tax deduction. Win-win, not only do you feel good doing so, you have the pleasure of pouring a bucket of ice water over your head and you get a tax deduction in the process. Sounds like a very sound risk reward ratio.

Donate to MND Australia

Invest in the Third Link Growth Fund – Chris Cuffe is well known for his philanthropy and came up with the idea of launching an unlisted fund in 2008 where the managers work for free and the 1.4%pa management fees investors pay are donated to charity.

Download a copy of the PDS and application

Invest in Future Generations Fund – Geoff Wilson, the grandaddy of Listed Investment Companies has also somehow managed to convince investment managers to look after your money for free using a Listed Investment Company (ASX code: FGX) which is due to list next week. This has been fully subscribed $200 Million and charges 1%pa in fees which are paid to children’s charities. FGX’s key differentiator has been to also allow investors/groups holding more than 1 Million shares to nominate the charity they wish their fees to go to.

Download a copy of the Prospectus

Green Gecko Project – If you’re looking for something where you can make a significant difference with your donations, we would suggest looking no further than the Green Gecko Project. Run by Australian, Tania Palmer, the project supports and educates 70 children who previously lived and begged on the streets of Siem Reap in Cambodia. We have visited Green Gecko and is our charity of choice and have seen the real difference being made.

This is not just a case of feeding and clothing street children, there is concerted effort to educate and help the families and support network of the children, providing a support network for them once they have graduated school. This is our charity of choice and we help to support Green Gecko. A small donation goes a very long way here.





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