Arafura Pearl Project 2009

Tax Deductible Aquaculture


Rebate Offer: 6.4% Rebate

Min. Investment: $13,800 inc. GST

Wealth Focus will rebate 6.4% (80% of the initla 8% sales commission). Wealth Focus does not receive a trailing commission. This commission is paid by the manager and is NOT an additional charge to the investor.

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Arafura Pearls Project Summary
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Never have non-forestry MIS schemes looked so attractive as this year’s Arafura Pearls Project. The Federal Government’s “Small Business Tax Break” has meant that the total deduction to investors in this project has increased to 142%.

We have had a tendency to steer clear of non-forestry MIS. Our view is that although many of these projects have a shorter investment term and earlier income streams, they also carry a higher level of risk, since horticulture such as fruit or aquaculture are relatively more susceptible to disease and disaster than forestry projects. However, we feel that Arafura’s guarantee of live stock into year 2 and their agreed value disease and disaster insurance for the remainder of the term is a key differentiator and risk mitigator to investors. Coupled with this year’s additional tax deduction means that the Arafura Pearls Project 2009 is an opportunity not to be missed.

Australian South Sea pearling industry produces the world’s most valuable pearls

Australian South Sea pearls account for less than 1% of the world’s total cultivated pearls by volume, but 30% of world production by value.

In this quota controlled industry, Arafura have become Australia’s 2nd largest South Sea pearl farmer. Arafura’s 2009 Project allows investors to access a sector that has historically only been available to high net worth individuals.

2009 Harvest of 2005 MIS Project on target to meet projected returns

As with all tax deductible investment schemes, our focus is to look for established providers that are able to provide a track record to investors.

An established pearl farmer, Arafura has been successfully farming Australian South Sea Pearls since 2001 and launched their first MIS project in 2005.

With initial results for this year’s harvest indicating returns in line with those projected at outset, investors can be reassured that they are investing with an established provider that is delivering on their promises.

Investors can subscribe from $13,800 inc GST. (anticipated close 15th June. Some limited availability after this date (Contact us) and new 2010 project expected to launch in July)