Axa North Retirement Guarantee Option Review

Strategies for income

Axa’s latest development in capital protected products is the development of their Retirement Income Guarantee.

Providing investors with a rising lifetime income of 5%pa, this protected income product, allows investors to particpate in share market returns and lock in growth*.

Axa have gained a lot of attention recently as Australia’s fastest growing investment platform with their capital guaranteed investment options. However, their success in the US (where Axa North is heralded as having first been developed), has been around their Guaranteed Income Options.

The recent launch of the Protected Retirement guarantee is Axa North’s first launch of an income stream to investors and we feel is likely to follow in the same way in Australia.

Have your cake and eat it

Offering an income of 5%pa of the highest fund value* for the remainder of your life, the Retirement allows you to stay invested in equities, secure in the knowledge that should your investments head south, you will always receive 5%pa for the remainder of your life.

With lifetime annuity rates currently sitting at around 6%-6.5%pa (age 65) this could be argued to be an annuity killer. The fallback of 5%pa can almost be considered as an annuity equivalent yet investors can participate in rises in the share market and lock in gains each year.Axa North Retirement Guarantee



Rebate Offer: No Entry Fee

Minimum Investment: $20,000

The adviser set up fee of 4% will be rebated by Wealth Focus on investments into Axa North. Wealth Focus may receive up to 0.5%pa of the value of the investment.

Documents & Links:
Application/PDS link
Axa North Summary
Axa North webpage

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