Fee Rebate
Min Investment $10,000
Expected Close 31/12/2010

INstreet – Personal Choice Private


Personal Choice Private

Limited recourse investment loan over 4 major indices

As an active participant in structuring the Personal Choice Series 1-4, Wealth Focus are pleased to offer access to our readers. Investors looking to invest will need to contact us on 1300 559 869 by close of business on Friday 9th August. Many of the investors we talk to have the view that interest rates and bond yields are too low and if anything, are likely to to drop further. The conundrum many face is that although the investment markets may be the best place to invest their money, the fear of a large capital loss often rules this out as an option. We would suggest the Personal Choice Series in conjunction with cash in the bank, is arguably a suitable strategy. ie rather than invest in the sharemarket, an investor can purchase units in one of the Personal Choice Private Series receiving an ongoing coupon to offset some of the cost and retaining the remainder in cash, earning interest over the next 3 years. Please see our example case study. Alternatively investors could consider this as a way of getting leveraged investment into the sharemarket, but we would consider that a risky strategy.

Call us on 1300 559 869 to ask us to secure an allocation.

Key Features

  • Choice from 4 major indices – INStreet Personal Choice Private Series offers investors the opportunity to access the potential upside growth of the Australian (ASX 200), US (S&P mid cap), European (Euro Stoxx 50) or Asian (S&P Asia 50) sharemarkets.
  • Uncapped investment returnsUncapped growth returns (subject to hurdle of coupons paid)
  • Walk Away Feature – If the share market performance falls/doesn’t meet your objectives, investors have the ability to walk-away from the investment with no penalties and nothing further to pay on the loan at any stage (or annually).
  • Volatility Management – Personal Choice Private Series provide a risk management/volatility overlay, automatically reducing share market exposure when volatility is high, and increasing your market exposure, when volatility is low.
  • Investment term – 3 years
  • Minimum Investment – $25,000 notional exposure
  • Not available direct

Find out more

If you would like further information on INstreet Personal Choice Series, please click on the links below:

Please call us on 1300 559 869 to ask us to secure an allocation. Best regards Sulieman Ravell Wealth Focus Pty Ltd

What do we get paid?

Wealth Focus charges an arrangement fee of $400 plus GST. Wealth Focus Pty Ltd is a shareholder in PCM, the company which owns Personal Choice Private and is entitled to a distribution of the profit (if any) from the Personal Choice.


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