Melbourne Cup 2012

An analysts view of this year’s horses

Fun for the Melbourne Cup. With many clients feeling disgruntled with the markets, investment analysts may have found themselves at a loss of what to do with their spare time. Fortunately, the Melbourne Cup has come round again!

An analysts view of the Melbourne Cup means that its not about who’s going to win, but who will provide the best bang for your buck!

Macquarie has had an excellent track record with an in depth analysis for those of you that like the detail. By contrast, RBS Morgans strategy has been to stand back and acknowledge its all dutch to them. Their strategy has been to pick a horse based on newspaper tipsters and odds. With a winner two out of the last 3 years, we think its a little less science and a bit more luck.

As the saying goes, past performance is no guide to future performance. Let us know how you go, and remember, this is just for fun.

This year we’ve stepped up our own analysis and noted that Macquarie have changed their weightings for their overall score. As financial advisers we are always wary of investment managers changing their strategy and have re-constructed their rankings using their weightings that they won with in 2010 and 2011. Our view is if it aint broke, don’t fix it and our choice is an each way bet on Kelinni.

Good luck to you all and remember that past performance is no indicator of future performance, outside influences such as too much coffee this morning may have an impact on the results.

Best regards


Sulieman Ravell
Wealth Focus Pty Ltd

What do we get paid?

Wealth Focus will receive no fees for a view on the cup, any winners owe us a large drink.