Melbourne Cup 2017

Fun for the Melbourne Cup. Each year, Macquarie and Morgans analysts are allowed to emerge from the bear pits with the hope of proving their worth and the promise of a possible promotion to the Wall St Poker tournaments.

Macquarie have offered the most detailed and consistent analysis with Morgans coming a close second. Previous newcomers PWC and BT Fixed Income team throwing in the towel after just a couple of years.

Macquarie’s champagne years had seemingly come to an end, but in true Macquarie style reflecting the equity bull market, they have revamped the analysis, thrown a load of data at their analysts.

If nothing else, we can see that the Math intern was put to good use. Whether they end up working at TAB or Macquarie? Only this year’s results will tell…..

Remember, an analysts view of the Melbourne Cup means that its not about who’s going to win, but who will provide the best bang for your buck!

Our view

Macquarie’s intern looks to have done a good job and since we’re believers in Big Data, our money is with the Millionaire’s Factory. The champagne is flowing and our money is on an each way bet with Red Cardinal.

Good luck to you all and remember that past performance is no indicator of future performance, outside influences such as Macquarie’s champagne lifestyle may have an impact on the results.


What do we get paid?
Wealth Focus will receive no fees for a view on the cup, any winners owe us a large drink.