Melbourne Cup 2015

An analysts view

Fun for the Melbourne Cup. Each year, Macquarie, Morgans and PWC analysts crawl out of the shadows to try and shed some light on the Melbourne cup.

Poring over stats, charts and tip sheets, the researcher’s best beancounting Gollums have been put to work, finally distracted them from their Precious.

This year sees another new entrant from the BT Fixed Income team. It’s well known that the smart guys work in bonds, so we have high hopes for them.

Looking over last year’s results, Morgans were on the money while Macquarie seem to have lost their touch. PWC provided all the information and charts but couldn’t provide a winner. Only this year’s results will tell who can pick a winner for this year’s Melbourne Cup?

Remember, an analysts view of the Melbourne Cup means that its not about who’s going to win, but who will provide the best bang for your buck!

Our view

If you like detail, the Macquarie and BT analysis provides lots of information and background, Morgans provides a simple 1 page analysis using tipsters tips and odds, whilst PWC have provided lots of information in a mass of pretty charts and built a website! (who says consultants don’t know how to use their time efficiently)

This year our money is on the Fixed Interest guys (no pressure Vimal and team) Preferment, with a flick of the lucky coin on Trip to Paris.

Good luck to you all and remember that past performance is no indicator of future performance, outside influences such as the quality of this morning’s coffee may have an impact on the results.

Best regards



Sulieman Ravell

Wealth Focus Pty Ltd


What do we get paid?

Wealth Focus will receive no fees for a view on the cup, any winners owe us a large drink.