Macquarie Almond Project 2011 Rebate Offer

Tax Effective Investment – Closes 15th June 2011

Macquarie Almond Project 2011 (7% Rebate)

Macquarie Almond Investment

Macquarie’s Almond Investment Project provides investors with the opportunity to potentially earn annual harvest income and diversify their portfolio in a potentially tax efficient manner.

With many of the previous providers no longer offering tax deductible investments in agribusiness, this year’s focus has switched to the financial strength of the investment provider and projects that generate income streams before final harvest.

Macquarie’s Almond Investment Project, boasts the financial strength of Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management and an income stream from year 1. Wealth Focus is pleased to offer you access to Macquarie Almond Investment Project with 70% rebate on commission.

Investors looking at alternative Tax effective investments should download our comparison of current offers to view the discounts we’re able to provide.

Almond Investment offers close on the 15th June, Forestry Investment offers close 30th June. If you are interested in this tax effective product, we encourage you to order a PDS quickly and speak to us if you need further assistance on 1300 559 869.

Download an application from our dedicated webpage or view a comparison of all of 2011’s tax effective offers

Key Features

  • Term – 22 years
  • Income stream from year 1 (expected to be cashflow positive from year 2-3)
  • 100% tax deductible in FY 11. Existing ATO product ruling confirms investment is 100% tax deductible in FY 11 (PR 2011/7)
  • Minimum investment – $8,910 inc. GST

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Alternatively, if you wish to obtain hard copies or discuss this investment further, please call us on 1300 559 869.

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What do we get paid?

Wealth Focus will rebate 70% of the 10% commission on investments into the Macquarie Almond Project 2011 in the form of cheque. Wealth Focus does not receive a trailing commission on this product. Any commission is paid by the fund manager and is NOT an additional charge to the investor.