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NAB Capital Notes 2

As anticipated earlier in May, NAB has launched NAB Capital Notes 2 offering an inidcative rate of 6.94%pa.

The higher running yield makes this an attractive issue and likely to lead to a premium on listing.

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WAM LeadersWAM Leaders IPO

WAM Leaders IPO aims to invest in the ASX 200, to provide investors a stream of franked dividends and capital growth, while preserving capital.

Following on from the success of WAM's existing listed vehicles, we anticipate WAM Leaders to raise in excess of their targetted $209 Million.

Funds Focus Managed Fund newsletterStrategies for income

The recent turmoil in the markets highlights some of the key pitfalls when investing for income.

We consider one of the key pitfalls investors and advisers alike overlook when investing for income

A timely reminder of our concerns in May 2014

In May 2014, we wrote an article on our concerns within the market and how we were positioning client portfolios.

The recent turn of events in the markets has demonstrated why its important to pay head to the early signs that assets were overpriced.

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Why unfranked income is better than franked

Over the last 2 years, we have had the pleasure of dealing with hundreds of investors on fixed income offerings. One of the common misconceptions is franked is better than unfranked income

We explain why in our overview

The InsiderAre 8%pa Term Deposits to good to be true

A client recently approached me asking my opinion on an offshore Private bank offering them 8%pa for a 3 year term deposit in USD.

Fixed Income Hybrids

Our insatiable appetite for fixed income products has led to a whole raft of income hybrids being launched. Want to know more about this asset class, then our overview from Issue 6 is a good starting place.

Read up on what hybrids are and what are the benefits

The InsiderA tale of poor advice on one of Australia's best superannuation funds

DB schemes offer a rare commodity in financial services: a guarantee of a certain amount, which is paid for by the scheme and not the member. In this article, we assess a DB scheme we consider to be “golden handcuffs” for anyone lucky enough to be a member of it.

Mercantile 8%pa Fixed Rate Notes

Mercantile Investment Company have just launched a 5 year Note with a fixed yield of 8%pa.

This is a relatively simple structure that allows investors to focus on the key investment risks of the underlying portfolio versus overall debt.

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Westpac Capital Notes 4

Westpac has launched Westpac Capital Notes 4 offering an inidcative rate of 6.89%pa.

The relatively high running yield is likely to be attractive and comand a premium on listing.

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